Monday, November 30, 2015

Nov 30th, 2003 WSG April Rouech

So I've been doing these updates every day that I had an entry 12 years ago. Obviously there's gonna be some breaks in the "action," but I had friends who were equally as lame, awful and awkward back then as I was who might stop by for a drink and give a glimpse into their life as an "exciting" teen. April is one of those people. She happened to have a couple of entries from November 30th, 2003. Play the video, nerd.

    Subject: i want to fix.
    Time: 11:01 am.
    Mood: determined.
    im cold and i dont feel good. 
    i have to go to work and im not into that. 
    someone visit me. 
    yesterday i drank with robert at dans. raquel and daniel and john and kristen were there. i fell asleep and spilt alot of beer all over me and the couch. 
    me and cory went to the mall. i bought some socks. and i didnt get the nurses uniform. hah. ten dollars. 
    i got called into work. my check will be huggge. like 160 dollars. im fucking rich. kinda. 
    i hate that you dont feel it. 
    what can i do?

Time: 7:57 pm.
i saved it today. someone buy it for me. he cries like a sheep when he falls over. and he isnt soft and hes sad because noone will ever buy an 80 dollar teddy bear.

Correction: April was actually 16 during the time of this LiveJournal post. Not 15 like she said. Doesn't make the underage drinking much better, but whatever. Also, credit to Steve the Pug for his special appearance in this entry.

April can be found on instagram @arouech
Steve the Pug can be found on Facebook as Steve Angers

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  1. check will be HUUUUUGE, like $160.

    like when we were 16 and that was the equivalent of a thousand dollars.