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Nov 27, 2003 Pt. 1

So this is where it all starts. Grab a drink and sit through all the awkwardness you can possibly handle. Play the video, nerd.

Well now....

Nov. 27th, 2003 | 02:15 pm
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As far as first entries go...this one is going to be reasonably okay....I think? Well, yesterday afternoon was fun for awhile. I came home after taking Katy to her house after school, and my friend Chris was here from florida because his family is visiting the rest of their family for thanksgiving.

All three of us (Chris, Katy, And I) went to our friend Noel's where we watched tv and played super NES. It was fun.

Then I had plans to go hang out with Kristin at the mall. SO I left Noel's place and went to meet Kristin and Katy came with me so she could do some shopping. Kristin and I walked aroun the mall, into rainbow, wet seal, suncoast, sam goody (where i bought the Motion City Soundtrack CD), and Hot Topic. I like hanging out with her. Hanging out with a great, funny, outgoing, individual kind of girl like her is always fun. I'm glad she invited me along, too. Because I had church that night and Angela (ex girlfriend who i broke up with last sunday because she was always yelling at me and being mean to me. Even when things were her fault, I had to say I was sorry or else she wouldn't talk to me for a week. More on all this later.) was going to be there.

It started at seven and I got there at eight with Katy. Her and Angie are friends so Katy gave me a note from her that I didn't read until after church when I went beack over to Noel's. Church was fun though. Katy had a really fun time which is good because everyone needs at least a little God in their life.

Anyways, it was all fun. I talked to one of my ex-girlfriends for the first time in the longest. Granted is wasn't a one on one kinda thing, more or less like social interaction, but still it's progress. Played games. Talked to this girl Rachel who I used to be friends with, and I could see that friendship starting up again soon, too.

Angela was just ripping on me the entire night. When my friend Chris and I had to do a performance piece I heard her say, "Oh God, Russell's in this. I'm not watching." So fast forward, they left early. 11 rolled around and we (chris and me) went over to Noel's where Kevin, Kendall, Josh, Kyle and Noel were already. We watched Lord of the Rings: Two Towers and played video games. I read Angela's note and it was talking about how much she loved me and wanted to be friends. All I could think was how much that sounded cool but it was complete bull crap. Oh well.

Talked to my friend Kailyn on the phone last night too. I got this livejournal. Thanks for the livejournal code, Pumpkin, whoever you are. I plan to make it a lot better looking but probably not 'til monday at school where the computers are a heck of a lot better. So for now....I'm gone. Hope you liked the entry. Leave me a comment. Opinions are important to me.

Don't think...Feel,


Formatting may change in terms of videos as this goes on, but it may not just to keep it as painful and raw as possible.

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