Saturday, November 28, 2015

Nov 28th, 2003

Thank god. This is a relatively boring post. There's bound to be plenty of these. It's no less uncomfortable for me, but still relatively boring. Play the video, nerd.

on the up and the down and down....

Nov. 28th, 2003 | 02:40 am
mood: awake
music: less than jake - my very own flag

Well now, I went out with the gang tonight. We saw Master in COmmand starring Russell Crowe and I knew it was going to suck and it did, 2 hours a waste of time. Going deal hunting with kevin and chris tomorrow at 8 am the play practice from 10-1, kevin and chris are going to the mall but i think I'm just going to stay home and clean. It's for the best. At play practice tomorrow, I think I might ask Girl1 out on a date for saturday night. What've I got to lose? Nothing at all actually. If she says no, at least I finally know where I stand with her. Things couldn't get more awkward than they already are. I don't think I'll ask Girl2 out for awhile, though. I need to spend a bit more time around her. Thanks kristin for all your advice. Can't wait to see Bad Santa with you next weekend. And go to the Anathallo show with you tuesday! Don't forget about either!

and time is a marker as a remedy...


Good lord. Get bent, you emo idiot.

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