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Dec 2nd, 2003

Well, this post isn't nearly as embarrassing as yesterday, but parts of it wouldn't be considered "politically correct" today. Fuck it. I was a shitty, angry teenager getting picked on by some jock asshole.  This was me lashing out instead of committing some act of violence like kids seem to easily do today. It does being nicely though with the thought of hall shows and local bands so enjoy that while it lasts. Play the video nerd. Well, there you have it. 


Dec. 2nd, 2003 | 08:41 am
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[ 12.02.03 ] 7:00pm
Mount Pleasant, Michigan Plachta Auditorium, Central Michigan University
Last Broadcast Cd Release Party! w/ Joust
Contact: FREE!!!

Fat Jokes???? No way....

Dec. 2nd, 2003 | 01:11 pm
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So yeah Chris "I'm a latent homosexual" [Last Name Redacted] was dragging this Chen kid down the hall, saying he was his friend and crap. So then Kendall came over making a joke about Chris being racist. Then Chris came over, and let me tell you, it got really crowded after that. He started asking if someone was talking about him. I told him, even if we were, it's none of his business. Then he asked if we were making fat jokes. Kendall says of course not, now go away. After he turned away, I gave him the middle finger as angrily as I could. Haha, I hate that kid. If breasts were brains, he could give Einstein a run for his money. Oh well.

I got picked on in high school and I turned out....alive? Eh. Fuck that guy.

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